Be Visionary. Upgrade to the new package and experience the power of UNLIMITED.

Unlimited data*

Unlimited local calls

Unlimited local SMS

Unlimited TéléSesel 

*Up to 1.2 Gbps data speed for 150GB


5G, at times referred to as 5th Generation or ‘New Radio’, is the new generation of mobile network. Its implementation offers faster download and upload speeds, little-to-no latency and high capacity of connections. Check out our blog post on 5G here!

To enjoy the only 5G speeds in Seychelles you will need a compatible device, our network currently supports Huawei and iPhone 5G devices.

We also recommend upgrading to our new 5G-100 package, please visit your nearest Customer Service Centre to register.

5G will not replace 4G anytime soon. In fact it will actually improve the current 4G LTE A experience, as 5G and 4G will work together to provide a reliable connection for all!

We understand the concern behind new technologies, and we want to assure you that 5G is safe. We have compiled a list of handy resources on 5G and health for you to read on our blog here!

It’s much faster than what we’ve seen before and comparable even to a fiber connection at home! Read more about 5G speeds here