How Does it Work?

Our Automatic Device Management System (ADMS) provides you with an improved service for mobile network settings by automatically sending these to your mobile phone!

When you purchase a new mobile phone from Cable & Wireless, or you have a new Cable & Wireless SIM card inserted into your mobile phone, the ADMS platform will identify what model it is and automatically send out all the network settings to your mobile device. This is done provided your mobile phone supports the OTA (Over The Air) service, therefore removing the need for you to request the settings manually. Most modern mobiles and smart phones are compatible with OTA.

If your phone does not support OTA you will not be able to receive the settings automatically, and will have to input the settings manually.

If at anytime you lose the settings stored on your mobile, you can send the following SMS for you to request each of them separately, or as a whole

To request only the Internet settings, send an SMS with the keyword

internet to 9633

To request ALL the settings, send an SMS with the keyword

all to 9633

Customers are required to accept the mobile settings once received on their phone for the settings to take effect.

Please note that all SMS sent to short code 9633 are FREE of charge.

USSD Short Code List & Description

#155# - Self-Help Menu

You can check your balance, purchase boosters and check your bills in one convenient place. Dial #155# and follow the on screen menu prompts.

9611 – uChat

uChat is an SMS service that allows you to chat with other mobile users about different topics. To register to uChat, simply type , e.g. Reg Username to 9611. To login type Login to 9611.

#144# - Me2U TopUp

Send flexible top up amounts from SR1 to SR100 to any prepaid mobile number of your choice. To register, send an SMS to 144 in the following format: Reg e.g. Reg Username. To send credit, dial #144# and select option 2.

#144# - KredEx

Our KredEx service allows you to borrow SR20 credit when you need it the most and pay back later! Simply dial #144# and follow the on screen menu prompts.

#144# - eNumber

Keep your mobile number confidential! Dial #144# to get a random number that you can use to perform eTopUp transactions, so you don’t have to give out your real mobile number.

#155# - Cable Points

Cable Points is a loyalty program that rewards you for using your Cable Prepaid service. You get points for doing what you do everyday – making calls, sending SMS and using your mobile data. Simply spend SR200 per month using your Cable Prepaid service and automatically enter the Cable Points program. To check your Cable Points balance or to redeem your points, dial #155# and follow the on screen menu prompts.

9677 – Cable Tunes

Cable Tunes is a ringtone personalisation service from Cable & Wireless that allows you to replace the standard ringtone with a tune of your choice. Callers will hear your chosen tune before you answer your mobile. To register to Cable Tunes, SMS the keyword Reg to 9677. To purchase a tune, dial 9677 and follow the voice prompts. If you know the Tune ID of the tune you wish to purchase, you can also SMS the keyword Tune followed by a space and the Tune ID to 9677, e.g. Tune 1061.

For our full selection of Cable Tunes, visit

#126# - Mobile Number Check

If you ever forget your mobile number, this short code will let you view it on your screen.

These are some short code services to help you get started with your Cable Prepaid. For more detailed information, visit any C&W Customer Services Centre. Other Terms & Conditions for the above services may apply.