Stay in touch with family & friends at home with Cable Prepaid Roaming

Roam with us and enjoy automatic roaming activation and cheaper roaming rates.

Cable Prepaid Roaming gives you the freedom to use mobile voice, text and data service whilst abroad! Travelling with your CWS SIM card means:  No monthly bills, total control over your roaming spending, and the power to stay in touch when it matters most.

Ensure you have enough credit before you leave Seychelles by using our eTopUp or eShop service. 

If you run out of credit, no problem! Simply recharge your account on eShop and you’re good to go!

For more details on Prepaid Roaming please visit your nearest Customer Service Centre.

Prepaid Roaming Partners

How It Works

    • To activate prepaid roaming, simply log into MyCare using your username and password > Settings > Account Settings > Enable/disable roaming (select ON). Roaming will only work when abroad and not locally. 
    • Make sure you have sufficient credit on your account to cover the roaming charges.
    • When you reach your destination simply switch on your mobile phone and select a network from our list of prepaid roaming partners.
    • You will be able to top up your account using eShop. 

    Check your account balance by using #125# or

How to select the operator network when roaming:
Your phone can be set to:
    • Select automatically - your phone will automatically register with an available network in the visited country, you can use roaming services once connected to the network.
    • Select Manually - your phone will scan all available networks and you will need to manually select a preferred network. If your selected network do not provide coverage in that area, you will see ‘no coverage’ and you are again required to select a network with coverage. However, if CWS is not a roaming partner of your chosen network, your mobile screen will display ‘FORBIDDEN NETWORK’, ‘ACCESS DENIED’ or a ‘NO ENTRY’ symbol. In this case you will have to select another network.

To manually select the operator network for:

android icon

Android Phones

Go to Settings > More Networks > Mobile Networks > Network Operators > Select the network you desire.

iOS icon

iOS Phones

Go to Settings > Carrier > click on Automatic (to change the mode to Manual) > Select the network you desire.

Prior to your travel, it is advisable to check our roaming partners:

Tips on managing your prepaid roaming before going overseas:
  • Turn off Automatic updates using your settings menu, adjust each application for Manual update.
  • If you don’t want to use prepaid roaming services abroad, then you can enable airplane/flight mode on your device. However, when airplane / flight mode is enabled all cellular services (i.e voice, data, sms, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and location services) are also turned off.
  • Note that when you are connected on a roaming network, you may get various SMS/USSD messages prompted by the roaming network for you to use their services. Some of these services may be free while others are charged at roaming rates.
  • Incoming calls from Seychelles whilst you are roaming overseas will be subject to roaming incoming charges.

As new roaming agreements are being rolled-out on a regular basis, it is advisable to check for details of visited countries prior to your travel


Prepaid Roaming - Frequently Asked Question

You do not need to apply for international roaming as a prepaid customer. Prepaid roaming is automatically activated once you arrive at your destination. Once you return home to Seychelles, your prepaid roaming will automatically turn off.

No, you do not need to pay a deposit.

As Caller ID information is not internationally exchanged and standardised, in some cases you may not see your caller ID number although some operators allow for this.