The products and services available from Cable Kiosks include:
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Prepaid SIM Dispensing

bill payment

Bill Payment


eTopUp Services

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Booster Purchase

    • Mobile Data
    • Xtra Boosters
    • Mobile TV
    • Talktime (171)
    • Jumbo (271 & 571)
    • International Connect
home internet

Home Internet Services

    • Prepaid Broadband
    • iSurf Voucher
    • Giga Booster
home internet

Payment Options

    • Cash
    • Card
    • Online Payment

What do I need to start using the service?

Cable Kiosks are available to everyone. That means, regardless of whether you have a Prepaid or a Postpaid account with Cable & Wireless, you will still be able to purchase products and services without any additional requirements.

All that is required is your chosen payment method (cash or card) as your CWS account or mobile number.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The kiosk accepts both cash and card payments. Note that the kiosk does not refund cash, so be sure to have the exact change needed for your transaction. Click on the link to view a video explaining how to make bill payments on the kiosk here 

  • Your account number is a 12 digit number displayed on the right hand corner of your bill
  • You can check your mobile account number by dialing #155#
  • Or call our helpline on 100 or 4284000. If you are calling our helpline be sure to have your NIN number ready, our customer service agents will use this to verify your identity.

The kiosk will accept both VISA and Mastercard. These can be used for card or online payment options.

The kiosk will not provide any change please ensure to have the exact change for your transaction.

The kiosk may have difficulty in processing crinkled notes, we recommend that customers use crisp notes when using the kiosk.

  • Call our customer service team on 100 or 4284000
  • Or email our team on, please have the receipt of your failed transaction, the details of the transaction and kiosk details available.

You can call our customer service team 100 or 4284000 to check the status of your transaction.

On each failed kiosk transaction you will receive a voucher receipt, keep hold of this receipt and contact customer service to process your refund. You can contact customer service on 100, 4284000 or by emailing

The kiosks are cleaned on a daily basis and deep cleaned on a weekly basis as part of routine maintenance. We advise customers to practice good hygiene by using hand sanitiser or washing hands before and after using the kiosk.